Sheridan Parsons lays a wreath at Royal Wootton Bassett War Memorial on the 100th anniversary of the death of each of the fallen in the Great War. She remembers not only the men on the War Memorial, but all those who have a strong connection with Wootton Bassett and the surrounding hamlets and countryside.

She researches each man;s family and military history, and displays his story beside the wreath. These remain in place from before 11am until at least 6pm on the day.

The Area Board kindly awarded a grant in 2014 to purchase the first wreath, the pavement displays and posters. In March 2017, Sheridan commissioned a new wreath to replace the earlier one, which was becoming faded and worn. She funded this wreath herself with support from friends. Please visit GoFundMe if you would like to contribute.

The wreath was made by local florist Guelder Rose. It is in soft shades of red, white and blue, including wildflowers, roses and daisies. (The poppy was not adopted by the British Legion until 1921). Its natural composition reflects old values and traditions.

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