They Also Served

The following men who served in the Great War are remembered in Wootton Bassett:

Angelinetta, Albert John, Private
Angelinetta, Bertie (no record found)
Angelinetta, Charles George, Driver
Angelinetta, William (no record found)
Arnold-Forster, Hugh Christopher, Commander
Arnold-Forster, John Anthony, Captain
Arnold-Forster, Mervyn Nevill, Major, MC
Arnold-Forster, William Edward, Lieutenant Commander
Balch, Charles Harry
Balch, Leonard William, 2nd Lieutenant
Balch, Roland James, Gunner
Balch, Walter Allan, Lieutenant
Ballard, Alfred Henry, 2nd Lieutenant
Ballard, Oswald Bertram, Private
Barber, Charles Henry, Gunner
Barber, Frederick Arthur, Private
Barber, Herbert Edward
Barber, Percy William, Gunner
Barnard, Henry (no record found)
Beacham, Reginald Walter, Corporal
Beazley, Reginald, Private (no record found)
Benstead, James Henry (no record found)
Bezzant, Albert Victor George, Gunner
Bezzant, William James, Private
Bint, Albert (Alfred), Private
Bint, Sydney, Gunner
Black, Walter Edward, Private
Bond, Herbert
Bond, Leslie Gordon
Bowden, Harold Worsley
Brown, Albert
Brown, Thomas
Brust, Harry Leonard, Trumpeter/Guardsman
Buckland, Alfred Ernest
Bull, W.F. Wilts Regt (13999) listed as wounded in Local Lists Sep 1916.
Buxton, Gerard James, Major
Carter, Alfred John
Chequer, Clarence Nelson
Chequer, Clarence Nelson, Air Mechanic 1st Class
Child, Ernest
Choules, Reginald Balfour William
Clifford, Alfred, Private
Clifford, Francis Henry, Private
Clifford, Walter, Private
Coleman, Arthur William, Sapper
Colledge, John Theodore, Lieutenant
Cowie, Richard, Reverend
Creed, Albert Reginald, Private
Crew, Herbert John, Trooper
Curtis, Albert James, Corporal
Curtis, Charles William
Curtis, George
Curtis, William
Curry, James Alfred John
Day, Henry James, Driver
Dean, Arthur Felton, Sapper
Dixon, Arthur
Dixon, Arthur Ezra
Dixon, Herbert Francis, Private
Dixon, Hubert, Lieutenant Corporal
Drury, Harry
Drury, Howard, Air Mechanic 2nd Class
Drury, William
Eacott, Henry George, Private
Edwards, Arthur Alfred
Edwards, Charles
Edwards, William, Private
Eggleston, Edmund, Private
Embling, Alfred John, Private
Embling, George Charles, Driver
Embling, James Henry
Forster, Richard Carnaby, Lieutenant Colonel
Fox, Thomas
Foss, Samuel Frank Thomas
Francis, Henry Charles
Franklin, Arthur, Lieutenant
Franklin, George Edward
Freegard, Arthur Edgar
Fricker, Maurice Henry, Driver
Gibbs, Alfred John, RSM
Gibbs, John, junior
Gillett, Sidney Herbert
Gilmore, Jesse, Private
Gough, Charles, Serjeant
Gough, Clarence Henry, Private
Gough, Ernest, Private
Gough, Frank
Gough, Joseph, Private
Gough, Thomas, Gunner
Hall, George Victor
Harris, Harry
Harris, William John
Hart, Frederick Lanclett
Hart, T
Harvey, William, Private
Hatter, Frederick, Private
Hatter, Joseph, Private – Wilts Regt (23418) listed as wounded in Local Lists Sep 1916.
Hawkes, Comley, Staff Quartermaster Serjeant
Hawkes, John, 2nd Lieutenant
Hawkes, Montague Clifton, 2nd Lieutenant
Hawkes, William Haywood
Heath, W H
Hiller, Christopher
Hill, Joseph Keene, Gunner
Hiscocks, Edwin James
Hopkins, Leonard Saw, Private
Horsell, Charles
Howard, Francis George, Driver
Hughes, Walter, Observer
Hulme, Walter Robert
Humphries, Levi Alfred Ricks, Private
Hunt, Arthur Henry, Private
Hunt, Ernest Frederick, Rifleman
Hunt, Francis James, Private
Hunt, George, Private
Hunt, George Henry
Hunt, Mike
Hunt, S
Huxley, William, Serjeant
Ind, Frank, Private
Ind, Arthur, Private
Ingram, John, Sapper
Ingram, William Henry, Private
Inkpen, Loftus Sam
Jenkins, Henry Samuel
Jotcham, Lancelot Neil, 2nd Lieutenant
Kembrey, Frederick Robert, Driver
Kidd, Francis Alfred, Lance Corporal
King, Thomas, Corporal
King, William John
Lamport, Frederick Percival, Guardsman
Lamport, William, Signaller
Lansdown, Bertram Ernest Bruce, Gunner
Lawrence, Arthur, Private
Lawrence, Frederick, Private
Lawrence, Henry
Lawrence, Walter George, Private
Leighfield, Albert
Leighfield, Clarence, Private
Leighfield, William
Little, Alfred William
Lock, William George
Love, Algernon Edwin, Private
Loveday, Walter Charles, Sapper
Marsh, Samuel Edgar, Private
Marsh, William Edward
Maskell, Frederick, Corporal
Maslin, Charles Edward, Rifleman
Mathias, Leonard Stewart, Captain
Merrett, Christopher Charles
Merrett, Edward George
Merrett, George William, Lance Corporal
Merrett, Henry James, Private
Merrett, John
Merrett, Joseph William
Mew, Percy Charles
Morgan, John Hartman, Brigadier General
Morse, William John, Private
Newman, Bertie Henry, Private
Newman, Ernest Edwin, Private
Newman, William John
Norris, Frederick, Pioneer
Ogbourne, Frederick, Private
Page, John Thomas
Painter, Francis John Thomas, Private
Painter, H
Painter, Stanley
Parsons, Ernest, HMS Larkspur
Parsons, Ernest, Private
Parsons, James Lewis, Private
Parsons, Wilfred John, Trumpeter
Pearce, Arthur Ambrose
Phillips, Harold Tucker, Gunner
Pincott, Delton Harold, Private
Pincott, Leonard, Private
Porter, Egbert Daniel, Corporal, MM
Porter, Frederick Arthur
Porter, Sidney John, Private
Protheroe, Henry Ernest
Reeson, George
Reeves, Arthur Frank, Private
Reeves, Ernest Decourcey
Reeves, Ernest James, Private
Reeves, Isaac Albert, Serjeant
Reynolds, William Walter, Company Quarter Master Serjeant
Riddick, Joseph
Rouse, Allen
Rouse, Gilbert
Rouse, Henry
Rouse, Herbert
Rufey, Frederick, Corporal
Sawyer, Albert James, Trooper
Sawyer, Arthur Hubert Adolphus, Gunner
Sawyer, Edward Cecil, Driver
Sawyer, Thomas George
Scaplehorn, Percival Henry, Signaller
Scutts, Arthur William, Private
Scutts, Charles Vizor, Private
Scutts, Percy Hughes, Serjeant
Scutts, Walter James
Selwood, W H
Sheppard, Leonard, Guardsman
Sheppard, Sydney James, Private
Simpson, William, Private
Skinner, F
Skull, Ernest Thomas, Gunner, MSM, DCM
Slade, Richard, Corporal
Sly, Frank, Private
Sly, Hubert William, Private
Sly, N G, – Wilts Regt (13998) listed as wounded in Local Lists Sep 1916.
Sly, William
Smart, Howard James, Private
Smart, James, Driver
Smith, Henry
Stevens, Arthur Wyatt
Stevens, Claud Ernest, Serjeant, MC
Stevens, Fred, Company Serjeant Major, DCM
Stevens, Henry James
St John, Charles Reginald, 2nd Lieutenant
St John, Henry Mildmay, Captain
St John, Vernon Henry, Private
Strange, Frederick Thomas, Private
Strange, John Ernest, Private
Stratton, Alfred Ernest, Corporal
Tayler, Ernest Charles, Corporal
Taylor, Arthur Edward, Private
Taylor, Wilfred George, Corporal
Thompson, Walter James
Titcombe, Francis Thomas, Private
Titcombe, Walter, Seaman
Tombs, Mark, Private
Tombs, Thomas, Gunner
Trow, Harry, Air Mechanic 2nd Class
Trueman, Ernest Arthur Baden, Boy 1
Tuck, Ernest Fredrick Maurice, Driver
Tucker, Thomas, Private
Tuck, Henry E, Private
Tuck, John, Private
Twine, Adam, Lieutenant
Twine, William D’Arcy, Serjeant
Waite, Herbert, Private
Walker, Alfred James
Walker, William James
Wallis, Stanley Annesley Robert, Royal Navy
Wallis, William Talbot
Watson, John Nuthall, Surgeon (T)
Weare (Sly), Lewington Howard
Webb, Edward James, Private
Webb, Henry
Webb, Rawleigh Charles
Welch, Henry, Serjeant
Weston, Henry
Wiltshire, Bertram
Wiltshire, John
Wiltshire, Victor, Corporal
Wiltshire, William H, Rifleman, MM
Wise, Albert James, Driver
Woodward, Henry Charles, Private
Woodward, John, Private
Woodward, William John, Private
Woodward, William Robert, Private
Yates, A