New Book

My new book ‘Wootton Bassett 100 Years Ago’, is in preparation. It will include all the content from my book ‘Wootton Bassett in the Great War’, fully revised and extended. As before it will cover Wootton Bassett, Hook, Tockenham, Lydiard Tregoze, Hay Lane, and Grittenham, as well as a little more about Brinkworth especially Callow Hill.

A considerable effort has been made to improve this edition by cross referencing every single Wootton Bassett name and address with the 1918 electoral roll, held at the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre. I have also added information about local men and women who trained as nurses. In this edition I have also made more use of war diaries, which were produced by individual battalions during the war. They rarely incude the names of individuals, but nearly always provide valuable insight into the battalion’s activities, and context for the experience and loss of the fallen. I have also made more use of General Register Office Records (if only I had the funds to buy them all!) On a lighter note I have included lots of information about residents’ cars and motorcycles!

Please don’t buy the old book as a Christmas present! If you really can’t wait, you can still buy the Wootton Bassett in the Great War 2014 edition from Amazon. These are print on demand copies which are exactly the same as the ones which were sold in Waterstones and Bassett Books. They usually take a few days to print and deliver. The 2014 edition will also be available on Kindle until the new edition comes out.

The new book will be available from Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, Waterstones Swindon, and Bassett Books.

If you are able to make any contributions to the story of Wootton Bassett in the Great War, please contact Sheridan.