1918 Absent Military Voters

Unfortunately the full absent voters list for our area has not survived, however, the Electoral Roll for 1918 contains the code NM for serving naval and military men, with an italic letter ‘a’ to indicate that they were registered as absent for the December 1918 election. The names in this list were probably canvassed between about June 1918 and about September 1918. This list therefore provides a graphic representation of the large proportion of local men who were still fighting for their country during the closing months of the war. They are shown below in alphabetical order, by last name, grouped by local area. Two of these men, Alan Brown and William Albert Westmacott, lost their lives after the Roll was taken.

Wootton Bassett

  • Vivian Andrews, 5 The Barton, remained in Wootton Bassett, married and had children, became a van driver, buried in Wootton Bassett in 1960.
  • Albert John Angelinetta, 120 High Street, buried in Wootton Bassett in 1945
  • Charles Henry Balch, Dunnington
  • Leonard William Balch, Dunnington
  • Frederick Arthur Barber, 13 Wood Street. In 1939 he was a nursing orderly living in Chepsow. In WW2 he was an ARP warden.
  • Charles Henry Barber, 13 Wood Street
  • Herbert Edward Barber, 13 Wood Street
  • Percy William Barber, 13 Wood Street
  • Reginald Walter Beacham, 29 Wood Street
  • Frederick Ivor Bennett, Coxstalls
  • Frederick Boulter, 5 Church Street
  • Harold Worsley Bowden, 2 Old Court
  • Alan Brown, 136 High Street, died in WW1 on 10th July 1918.
  • Bertie Brown, 136 High Street
  • Harry Leonard Brust, 157 High Street
  • Alfred Ernest Buckland, Hunt Mill Road
  • Edwin Bull, 37 Wood Street
  • William Henry Bull, 37 Wood Street
  • Frank Bushell, 72 High Street
  • George Cannon, Noremarsh Road
  • Alfred John Carter, 51 Church Street
  • Robert Charles Case, 96 High Street
  • Clarence Nelson Chequer, 115 High Street
  • Tom Chequer, 25 Coxstalls
  • Ernest Child, 47 Church Street
  • Reginald Balfour William Choules, Crossways
  • Cecil John Clarke, Lower Greenhill
  • George Clifford, 13 Coxstalls
  • Arthur Coleman, 14 Wood Street
  • Harold Ernest Robert Collins, 31 Station Road
  • Edwin Thomas Coster, 4 The Barton
  • Albert James Curtis, 2 Beamans Lane
  • Charles Curtis, 2 Beamans Lane
  • George Curtis, 61 High Street
  • William Curtis, 61 High Street
  • Aaron Dixon, 5 New Road
  • Arthur Dixon, 17 Beamans Lane
  • Hubert Dixon, 62 Church Street
  • Sidney James Dixon, 62 Church Street
  • Harry Drury, 132 High Street
  • Howard Drury, 132 High Street
  • Francis Herbert Durnford, 178 High Street
  • Arthur Alfred Edwards, 33 Wood Street
  • Edmund Eggleston, 34 High Street
  • James Henry Embling, 61 High Street
  • Arthur Farley, 173 High Street
  • Samuel Frank Thomas Foss, Noremarsh
  • Thomas Fox, 15 Victory Row
  • Frank Fretwell, Mount Pleasant
  • Henry Gee, 4 New Road
  • Alfred John Gibbs, 26 Station Road
  • Sidney Herbert Gillett, 32 Coxstalls
  • Jesse Gilmore, 26 Station Road
  • Ernest George Gough, 3 The Barton
  • Francis Edward Gough, Little Park Cottages
  • Hubert Harry Gough, Black Dog
  • Richard Nelson Gough, 9 Victory Row (not marked as absent)
  • Albert Ernest Gray, 5 Rope Yard
  • George Victor Hall, 10 Old Court
  • Mervyn Ernest John Hall, 4 New Road
  • Frederick George Hallett, 1 New Road
  • Alfred Harper, 1 Sparrow Lane
  • Francis Edward Harris, 46 High Street
  • Walter Thomas Edward Harris, 46 High Street
  • William John Harris, 46 High Street
  • Frederick Lensett Hart, Crown Hotel
  • William Heywood Hawkes, 67 High Street
  • Ernest Hill, Noremarsh
  • Joseph Keene Hill, 3 New Road
  • Arthur James Hillier, Police Station
  • Ernest Hillier, 3 Old Court
  • Edward John Hughes, 26 Wood Street
  • Levi Humphries, 43 Wood Street
  • Arthur Hunt, 59 Church Street
  • Charles Hunt, 35 Wood Street
  • Ernest Frederick Hunt, 10 Beamans Lane
  • George Hunt, 26 Wood Street
  • George Henry Hunt, 13 Coxstalls
  • George William James Hunt, 26 Wood Street
  • John Hunt, 5 Sparrow Lane
  • William George Hunt, 122 High Street
  • Henry John Huxley, 174 High Street
  • William Sidney Huxley, 17 Coxstalls
  • Loftus Samuel Inkpen, 16 Coxstalls, buried in Wootton Bassett on 28th January 1954
  • John Thomas Jackson, 1 Wood Street
  • Edward Albert Jefferies, 69 High Street
  • Cornelius George Jefferies, Vastern Wharf
  • Edward Frank Kembrey, 49 High Street
  • Frederick Robert Kembrey, 49 High Street
  • Frederick John Keen, 126 High Street
  • Francis Alfred Kidd, 2 Rope Yard
  • Alfred Jupp King, Black Dog Cottages
  • Francis Lane, Harris Croft
  • Ernest W Lanfear, 173 High Street
  • Bertram Ernest Bruce Lansdown, 53 High Street
  • Victor Charles Lansdown, 53 High Street
  • Henry Lawrence, 60 High Street
  • Albert George Leighfield, 41 Wood Street
  • William Arthur Leighfield, 41 Wood Street
  • Clarence Henry Leighfield, Whitehill Lane
  • Francis Wilfred Leighfield, 109 High Street
  • Percy Frank Leighfield, Noremarsh
  • Raymond Jesse Lewis, Highgate
  • Robert Little (junior), 37 High Street
  • Percy Marchant, 9 The Barton
  • Charles Edward Maslin, 20 High Street
  • Leonard Mathias, The Vicarage
  • Christopher Charles Merrett, 12 Coxstalls
  • George William Merrett, 19 Beamans Lane
  • Henry James Merrett, 19 Beamans Lane
  • Percy Charles Mew, 2 High Street
  • Jesse New, 135 High Street
  • Ernest Edwin Newman, 54 Church Street
  • William John Newman, 54 Church Street
  • Frederick James Norris, 169 High Street
  • Herbert James Ody, 15 Church Street
  • Frederick Ogbourne, 26 Church Street
  • James Henry Ovens, 53 Church Street
  • Alfred George Page, 5 New Road
  • Charles Alexander Page, 52 Station Road
  • Francis John Thomas Painter, 20 Coxstalls
  • Edwin James Parsons, 8 The Barton
  • Ernest Parsons, 13 Victory Row
  • Wilfred John Parsons, 13 Victory Row
  • William Victor Emmanuel Parsons, 159 High Street
  • Wilfred John Pickett, Old Park
  • Leonard Pincott, 39 Church Street
  • Victor John Pinnell, Hunt Mill Road
  • Walter William Rainger, 31 Coxstalls
  • John Rawlings, Hunt Mill Road
  • Basil Stillman Read, 7 Coxstalls
  • Henry Joseph Read, 7 Coxstalls
  • Arthur Frank Reeves, 16 Church Street
  • Philip Kenneth Reeves, 127 High Street
  • Arthur Stanley Rich, 13 Coxstalls
  • Victor Rich, Mosely House
  • Herbert Rouse, 117 High Street
  • Frederick George Rufey, 55 Station Road
  • Walter Charles Sainsbury, 4 Victory Row
  • Arthur William Scutts, 50 Church Street
  • Charles Scutts, 50 Church Street
  • Percy Scutts, 50 Church Street
  • Francis Charles Sheldon, 49 Church Street
  • Edgar George Sheppard, 3 Victory Row
  • Henry Oliver Sheppard, 121 Church Street
  • Maurice John Sheppard, 39 Wood Street
  • Sidney James Sheppard, 39 Wood Street
  • William John Simpkins, 12 Coxstalls
  • Hubert William Sly, 27 Wood Street
  • Arthur William Patrick Albert Smart, 14 Beamans Lane
  • James Smith, 43 Church Street
  • Percy George Smith, 31 High Street
  • Charles Arthur Sparkes, Noremarsh
  • John Stenning, Harris Croft
  • Fred Stevens, 149 High Street
  • William Edwin Stone, 27 Church Street
  • Ernest Granger Strange, 50 Station Road
  • Benjamin Stratford, 1 Rope Yard
  • Alfred Ernest Stratton, 50 Wood Street
  • Arthur Edward Taylor, Crossways
  • Frank Levi Telling, 23 Wood Street
  • Stanley Edward Telling, 23 Wood Street
  • Francis Thomas, 58 Church Street
  • Alfred William Thompson, 46 Wood Street
  • Thomas Titcombe, C/O George Gibbs, Coped Hall
  • Harry Trow, 42 High Street
  • Ernest Frederick Maurice Tuck, 9 Beamans Lane
  • John Henry Louis Tuck, 9 Beamans Lane
  • Abraham William Tuck, 26 Coxstalls
  • Albert George Twine, 2 The Barton
  • Herbert Twine, 2 The Barton
  • Alfred James Walker, 108 High Street
  • Arthur Charles Walker, 17 Station Road
  • Bertram Wallis, 8 High Street
  • Bertram Wallis, 176 High Street
  • Edwin Ernest Wallis, 17 Church Street
  • Ernest Reginald Wallis, 1 Coxstalls
  • Harry Wallis, 158 High Street
  • William Talbot Wallis, 53 Station Road
  • Wallace Pearce Watkins, 42 Wood Street
  • Lemuel Webb, Crossways
  • Frederick Ivor Weston, 150 High Street
  • Henry Weston, 156 High Street
  • William Albert Westmacott, C/O George Ferris, Upper Greenhill
  • Charles Foster Wilkins, 28 Coxstalls
  • Edward Thomas Woodward, Hunt Mill
  • Henry Woodward, 13 Old Court
  • Sidney James Woodward, 13 Old Court
  • William Robert Woodward, 13 Old Court

Broad Town

  • William Robert Alden, Ham Cottage, Broad Town
  • Owen John Archer, Broad Town
  • Charles Chesterman, Broad Town
  • William Thomas Chivers, Broad Town
  • Percy Charles Garland, Broad Town
  • Ernest Gilmore, Broad Town
  • Angel Arthur Heaven, Goldboro Farm, Broad Town
  • Arthur Hunt, Church Farm, Broad Town
  • Percy Hunt, Church Farm, Broad Town
  • George Hunt, Broad Town
  • Arthur Richard James Leighfield, Cotmarsh
  • John Loveday, Broad Town
    James Maskell, East Farm
    Frank H Maskell, East Farm
    William Thomas Maskell, East Farm
    Fred Merrett, Broad Town
    Simeon John Merritt, Broad Town
    Charlie Edmund Miles, Broad Town
    Charles Ody, Ham Brook Farm
    James Simmonds, Broad Town
    Abraham Simpkins, Thornhill
    Charles Edward Simpkins, Thornhill
    John Simpson, Thornhill
    Francis Smith, Broad Town
    Orlando Oliver Strange, Broad Town
    Joseph Charles Stratford, Broad Town
    Arthur Francis Sweet, Broad Town
    James Townsend, Broad Town

Lydiard Tregoze
Mervyn Nevil Arnold-Forster, Basset Down House
Hugh Christopher Arnold-Forster, Basset Down House
Philip Badman, Ballards Ash Cottages
William James Bezzant, Yew Cottages, Basset Down
Albert Bezzant, Basset Down
Viscount Vernon Henry Bolingbroke, Lydiard Park
Frederick Castle, Lydiard Tregoze
John Theodore Colledge, Mannington
George Henry Cowley, Ryelands Farm
Alfred George Cowley, Keepers Cottage
Herbert John Crewe, Wharf Farm
George Embling (junior), Hook
Alfred John Embling, Hook
William Henry Embling, Priory Field, Hook
Henry Ferris, The Rectory
Albert Greenaway, Studley Cottages
Frederick Hatter, Hook
Joseph Hatter, Hook
Ernest Hatter, Hook
Ernest Hedges, Mannington Cottages
Joseph Keene Hill, Padbrook Farm
George Howard, Hook
Francis George Howard, Turnpike House, Flaxlands
Walter Ernest Howard, Turnpike House, Flaxlands
William Thomas Jarvis, Lower Salthrop
Edward Alec Kinch, Basset Bown
Herbert Melville Leighton, The School House, Hook
Andrew Fred Love, Bolingbroke Arms, Hook
Gordon James Love, Flaxlands Farm
Charles John Merchant, Priory Field, Hook
Archibald Frank Miness, Mannington Cottages
Alfred George Newman, Hook
Stanley Painter, The Brook
Harold Phillips, Studley Grange
Egbert Porter, Lower Salthrop
Sidney John Porter, Lower Salthrop
Alfred Rudler, Hook
Ernest Thomas Skull, Hook
Henry William Soule, Basset Down
George Stanley, Hook
Henry Mildmay St John, Lydiard Park
Bert Thale Strange, Hatch Chatt, Hook
Frederick John Strange, Toothill Cottages
Albert John Strange, Toothill Cottages
Harold Taylor, Hook
Ernest Thompson, Church Hill
Mark Toombs, Purley Farm
Thomas Tombs, Purley Farm
Edward John Titcombe, Hook
Ernest Titcombe, Hook
Francis Thomas Titcombe, Church Hill Farm
Sussex Gerald de Wilton, Studley Grange
Albert James Wise, Sunnyside, Coped Hall

James Henry Benstead, Tockenham
Gerard James Buxton, Manor House
Thomas Gough, Tockenham
Herbert George Painter, Tockenham
John Wesley Saunders, Queen Court Farm
Frederick John Skinner, Tockenham
John Spackman, Cross Roads
Walter Kerry Summers, Greenway Farm
Jasper Wilfred Walker, Greenway
William West, Tockenham